Clozure CL Setup

Clozure is an open source Lisp system provided by Clozure associates.


I’ll defer to their instructions for installation.

Of particular interest is that it works on the PPC and ARM architectures; this can be of use to embedded system developers. It is possible to get CCL working on the Raspberry Pi, for instance.

CCL is particularly well-developed on Mac OS X, including a Cocoa bridge and an IDE. It’s also a good choice on Windows as it supports native (Win32) threads.

In general, like SBCL, it’s designed to be used as the backend to an IDE.

Note that each platform has a different CCL executable.

  • Linux: lx86cl, lx86cl64

  • OSX: dx86cl, dx86cl64

  • Windows: wx86cl.exe, wx86cl64.exe


A CLI tool called linedit is useful.

(ql:quickload :linedit)
(require :linedit)
(funcall (intern "INSTALL-REPL" :linedit) :wrap-current t)


CCL, in general, is very fast to load and has a good reputation for performance.